Ron (Wisconsin)

At first, I was skeptical about purchasing a vehicle on ebay and from Texas without seeing or checking it out. I received the vehicle and it is everything that was represented to me and then some. A great and smooth transaction. I would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from Brian at Texas Trucks & […]

Karen (Arizona)

We just love our Suburban. Everybody asks where we got it we tell them Texas Trucks & Classics in Texas. Brian was very helpful with the whole process including the shipping. We will go back to him when my husband gets a new truck or when I ever need a new suburban. Thanks Brian!

Ted (California)

I recently bought a 1962 MGA from Texas Trucks & Classics. The purchase went effortlessly and the car is everything the company said it was, not to mention a blast to drive! Yours Truly, Ted

Simon (Australia)

I finally took possession of the ’65 Mustang GT350 on Friday! I am blown away. It is a fantastic car. It was a little dirty when it arrived, as you would imagine after 2.5 mths in transit, but after a good clean and polish it looks fantastic. The sound really is unbelievable. A couple of […]

Hans (Netherlands)

I just received the car this afternoon and I’m very happy with it. I must say that buying a car via Ebay without seeing it upfront was quite a gamble but it is exactly how you portrayed it. Many thanks again for the sills, they look beautifull and thanks for the excellent service. I’ll be […]

CM (Texas)


Frode (Norway)

Today we recived the MGTD and my father in law is thrilled about it. He says its btter than he hoped it would be. Unfortunately it has gone over 60 days due to slow ferrys and custom papermills so I will not be able to leave you any positive response on ebay. Just wanted you […]

Marie (France)

We just brought our new 1959 MGA Coupe home. My dad seems thrilled about the car, it is beautiful. He can not wait to have it registered over here so he can finally drive it!!! Thank you for everything, we had some concern at the beginning about buying such an asset on Ebay but you […]

Nadim (Virginia)

I have received the BMW 335i on the third day after it was shipped. The car was perfect and brand new. It was exactly what was described on Ebay. Brian provided great customer service. I will recommend this dealer to everyone and I will definitely buy cars from Texas Trucks and Classics again. I am […]

Debbie (Alaska)

I’ve purchased any number of cars from large dealerships to individual, private owners over the last fifty but until I dealt with Brian Wyka of Texas Trucks & Classics, I did not realize what commitment to the buyer really meant. I purchased a 1960 MGA Roadster from Brian and at every step of the way, […]