2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec – If you’ve found a 2013 Genesis on your local car lot you’re already aware what great vehicles even the base models can be. In its fourth year, this affordable, good-looking rear-wheel-drive sport coupe gets a refresh for 2013 which includes a redesigned front end and more powerful engines. Even the base V6, which is now direct-injected for better efficiency, jumps from 306 hp to 348 hp in 2013. Every 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe you will find offers upgraded features and track-worthy performance at an attainable price. And speaking of price, a base model R-Spec with similar miles will run you right about $20k. So, why is this stunning example $29 higher? The answer is that this is the only example you will find that has had over $100k in upgrades. That’s right! This may be the very textbook definition of how to buy a vehicle RIGHT. You have the opportunity to save months of work and over $50k. All that and you can be driving this beautiful Genesis immediately! Listing all the options and upgrades individually makes for a boring read. Instead we’ve included several photos, links and a professional video that will detail the extensive transformation this Genesis has received. If you still have questions we’ll be happy to show this vehicle to qualified buyers and can get you as much addition information as needed. Just remember that while you are going overboard with online research and asking your better half for permission, someone else is taking advantage of this opportunity to own an amazing build for over half off!