1987 Chevy R10 Custom Deluxe


1987 Chevy R10 SWB – 305 V8, Auto, A/C, Power Steering & Brakes, Original Paint, New Tires, Runs Great!


1987 Chevy R10 SWB – Thoroughly redesigned from stem to stern, the all-new third generation C/K trucks for 1973 proved to be the longest lived series in Chevrolet’s history and the three-box styling has proved quite popular since. Aside from wheels and hubcaps, there really wasn’t much that was round anywhere in the design other than the body sides that featured a sculpted character line with a central plateau panel as well as curved side glass, a first on a GM truck. The 1987 model year – the final year of production – saw the series designators changed. The rear-wheel drive C-series became the R-series, then the four-wheel drive K-series were renamed the V-series. This was done to allow for concurrent production of its replacement early in 1987 of the all-new C and K models. 1988 then swathe introduction of the fourth generation C/K, which would itself continue until 2002.

At TX T&C we constantly search the US for the best classic trucks and SUVs that are out there. This great squarebody short bed was located in Petaluma, CA with only 96 original miles. It is a three owner truck that, until our purchase, had never had owners outside the same subdivision in Petaluma. One neighbor sold it to another and then to the 3rd neighbor who we acquired the truck from. It features the entry level Custom Deluxe package but is the highly desirable ’87 model featuring throttle body injection. The thing that excited us the most about this find was that it’s an original paint truck. No need to guess at what good or bad bodywork has been done to truck over the last 32 years. The truck had a camper shell over it for most of its life so the bed is in outstanding condition. The glass is also all original and in excellent condition. After the truck arrived in TX we installed new chrome bumpers, recovered the bench in original material and installed a new set of whitewall tires. It drives perfect at city and highway speeds, the a/c blows cold and it’s just a great overall truck. A complete list of features includes; 305 V8, Auto, RWD, A/C, Power Steering & Brakes, Kenwood AM/FM/CD, Dual Tanks, Vent Windows, Tilt Steering, Soft-Ray Tinted Glass, Owners Manual, Spare Tire, Tire Tools, 15″ Rally Wheels, and NEW 235/75/R15 Tires!