1970 AMC AMX Fastback Coupe


1970 AMC AMX Fastback Coupe – 360 V8, 4 Speed, Factory A/C, GoPak, Power Steering & Brakes, Fully Restored!


1970 American Motors Co (AMC) AMX Fastback Coupe – American Motors was in trouble. With the departure of Studebaker to Canada in late 1963, AMC’s Rambler was the only non-Big-Three automobile manufacturer of any consequence left in the United States. The introduction of a Chevrolet intermediate in 1964 only exacerbated the company’s problems, and by 1966, it was on the ropes. As the saying goes, there is nothing like the prospect of being hanged in the morning to focus one’s attention at night, and the small but bright and dedicated team of engineers and designers forged ahead with plans for a car to compete with the Mustang. The Javelin and the shorter wheelbase two-door car based on the Javelin, known as the AMX, were introduced in 1968 to huge acclaim. The Javelin sold 55,124 cars, while the AMX added 6,725 to the AMC sales ledger that year. AMC’s nearly brand new 290 and 343 cubic inch “mid-block” lightweight engines were on deck and could be had with as much as 280 hp, which provided for more than sparkling performance in the lightweight AMX and Javelin lines. If the AMX proved anything, it was that AMC could adapt to the marketplace. It was intended to be a rolling statement saying just that to the motoring public, and in that sense, it succeeded admirably.

Of the 19,134 AMX models that rolled off the assembly line during their 3 year production, the rarest are the ’70 model year that comprised of only 4,116 units. Owners had a choice of either a 360 or a 390 and either manual or automatic transmission. Only 816 examples in this final year of production were delivered to dealerships with a 360 V8 and a 4 Speed shifter. There are no exact figures but, when you further narrow this 816 production number down to the units that arrived in Big Bad Orange with the GoPak and factory A/C, you soon realize you are looking at a rare AMX. All that aside what really sets this AMX apart from all others you will find is the outstanding condition. In mid-2017 this entire vehicle was restored. The drivetrain was rebuild, the interior was replaced and the entire body received a high-end repaint. As you can see in the underside photos, this was no shade-tree restoration. We drove this beauty about 30 miles to get photos and it runs perfect. The a/c blows cold and it’s really fun to drive. A complete list of features includes; 360 V8, 4 Speed Manual, Go Package, RWD, Factory A/C, Chrome Bumpers, Chrome Grill, Cloth Floormats, Power Brakes (Disc-front), Power Steering, AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth/USB/Aux Stereo, Tilt Steering, Tinted Glass, Woodgrain Interior Trim, Original “Space Saver” Spare, 14″ Factory Wheels, & BF Goodrich Radial T/A Tires! Now you just have to decide if you are after the cheapest AMX for sale or the nicest AMX for sale? Guess which one incurs far less headaches and has a much higher resale potential.