1953 Chevy Series 3100 1/2 Ton


1953 Chevy Series 3100 1/2 Ton – 350 V8, Auto w/OD, Camaro Front End, PS, PB, Vintage A/C, Wood Bed, Dual Exhaust, Bluetooth Stereo!


1953 Chevy Series 3100 1/2 Ton – In 1925, Ford was the first of the Big Three to enter the pickup market, but it was Chevrolet that stood tall as Detroit’s top truck-seller by the time of World War II. Chevy resumed civilian truck production in August 1945, and really got back to business in May 1947 with its new “Advance Design” pickups. Wider, longer and lower than the prewar leftovers marketed in 1946, the Advance Design models looked thoroughly modern and featured an equally modern “alligator” hood hinged at the rear. Beneath that gator was Chevy’s proven 216-cid “Stovebolt” six-cylinder. There were few changes as the Advance Design trucks rolled into the 1950s, but Chevy continued to sell more trucks than all rivals—even with Ford’s new F-series models on the market after 1948. Notable updates included vent windows being added to the doors in 1951, and a restyled grille and trendy one-piece windshield appearing in 1954. That same year a much improved 235-cid six-cylinder was installed and an optional automatic transmission was introduced. Advance Design production continued briefly into 1955 before the era came to a close and Chevy’s new “Task Force” trucks were launched, and these last-run Advance Design models carried some Task Force features—accordingly, they are highly prized by collectors today. The biggest downside to owning one of this series of Chevy 3100 is that the pre-1953 216-cid inline-six engines are weak for modern use, thanks to babbit bearings and splash lubrication. Powertrain swaps beyond the vastly superior 1953 and newer full-pressure lubrication 235-cid six are a big leap of faith and generally not a simple parts swap due to torque tube architecture for the powertrain and suspension on all but the early 1955s. However, due to the 3100’s popularity for both stock restorations and street rod conversions, restorations require little more than a title and a VISA card. Frames and all sheet metal—including the cabs—are available as reproductions.

There isn’t much more of an iconic American truck than a ’53 Chevy 3100! The looks of this body style just can’t be beat and combined with an upgraded drivetrain, this an excellent classic to add to any garage. Being that these trucks all left the assembly line with a 6 cylinder, a newer 350 V8 engine (as equipped on this example) is a very welcome upgrade. Another huge upgrade on this Chevy is the addition of a Vintage Air A/C & Heat for comfortable driving in all climates. This truck was not a weekend only “trailer queen”. The previous owner actually drove this truck daily to and from work. Doing such required that it was regularly maintained and everything worked like it should. But, that type of driving did lend itself to multiple rock chips and other small paint imperfections. If you wanted to make this truck look 100% perfect, you might consider a repaint. With this in mind we have priced this 3100 Series at $4-6k below all current average book values and comps. A complete list of features and options include; 350 V8 w/overdrive, Auto, Camaro Front End, Power Steering & Brakes, Disc Front Brakes, Vintage Air A/C & Heat, Chrome Grill, Chrome Bumpers, Chrome Mirror, Wood Bed, Dual Exhaust, Alpine AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth Stereo, Woodgrain Dash, Custom Steering Wheel, Custom Tail Lights, Edelbrock Carb and Air Filter, Tilt/Telescoping Steering, Tinted Glass, Power Windows, Cloth Floormats, 17″ Aluminum Torque Thrust Wheels, and Continental Control Contact ZR Tires! This is an exceptional deal if looking for a great running Chevy 3100 you can drive and enjoy. Or, and excellent base to build into a show truck with minimal TLC. Either way it’s definitely an opportunity you don’t want to let slip away.