1932 Ford Roadster – The 1932 Ford has been admired by both enthusiasts and engineers ever since its introduction almost 90 years ago. Also called the Deuce because of the “2” in the model year, it was the world’s first popularly priced car to offer a V8 engine. This engine proved so successful that of approximately 275,000 Ford passenger cars built in the 1932 model year, about 185,000 were equipped with the V8. In the years immediately prior to World War II and well into the 1950s, a large number of 1932 Fords came onto the used car market. Their status as secondhand automobiles kept prices within reach of the average American, enabling backyard tinkerers of all ages to acquire them inexpensively, hop them up, dress them up, and campaign them in both speed and beauty contests.

Just as early owners stripped these Fords down to gain speed, this beautiful Roadster build follows the same theme. There definitely aren’t many bells-n-whistles to this style of hotrod but for weekend cruises they can’t be beat. The previous owner kept the build pretty simple and had a focus on reliability and fun! The fiberglass body is powered by 305 V8 paired with a TH350 Automatic transmission and a 8″ Ford Rear End. It comes with a removable Carson Top that won’t do anything to protect you from rain but is a great addition if the sun and wind start to bother you. Additional features include; Chrome Grille, Front Disc Brakes, Tilt Steering Column, Grant Wheel, Dolphin Gauges, Hot Coated Block-hugger Headers, Chrome Alternator/Air Cleaner/Valve Covers, Electric Fan, Diamond-plated Firewall, Custom Exhaust! If the blue/white stripes aren’t your taste, they are easily removable. If you don’t want to spend a year and $30k+ building a twin to this Roadster, contact us to become an owner today.